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How to install PhpStorm in Arch Linux

How to install PhpStorm in Arch Linux.? it is very easy at all. Ok, because the title suggests how to install PhpStorm in arch linux, so skip to the step-scarcity.

We’ll do the installation with package manager yaourt (AUR). Brief : The AUR (Arch User Repository) is a place where the Arch Linux community can upload PKGBUILDs of applications, libraries, etc., and share them with the entire community. Fellow users can then vote for their favorites to be moved into the community repository to be shared with Arch Linux users in binary form.

So make sure beforehand that you are already contained arch yaourt package manager (install yaourt).

ok, open a terminal and type in the code below.

$ yaourt -S phpstorm

Type “n”, next steep type “y”.


Wait for it to finish.. Follow the instructions provided.


Well done. Now PhpStorm already installed on your arch linux. 🙂

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